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The Kratom plant has been enjoying a surge in popularity lately.

And, the team at Kratom Gator has been as busy as we’ve ever been importing and distributing the highest quality Kratom in the world.

Because Kratom is such a new topic for so many people, we thought we’d spend some time explaining Kratom origins and informing the public about its many uses as an herbal supplement.

At Kratom Gator, we’re strong proponents of education over marketing. Our goal is to spread knowledge about Kratom in advance of earning a profit by selling it, as we believe in the importance of thoroughly understanding a substance before experimenting with it.

Having grown into a premier supplier of Kratom powder and Kratom capsules, we realize we have an obligation to the Kratom community—an obligation to respect and spread the truth about Kratom so that as many people as possible can discover it as the life-changing plant that it truly is.

History of Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa)

Mitragyna Speciosa (the species name of the common Kratom plant) is a tree that grows natively in Southeast Asia.

This tree has been prospering in its tropical climate for thousands of years prior to its known use by humans in the past few hundred years. Historically speaking, we can say with some level of confidence that Kratom has been used by indigenous peoples in Southeast Asia for at least two hundred years.

However, it’s only been within the past 20 years or so that the Kratom plant has made its way to somewhat mainstream use here in the West. However you view the migration of Kratom to the United States, the fact is that it’s here to stay!

Why People Are Taking Kratom

When the effects of Kratom consumption were first discovered by humans, it was obvious that this plant had powerful potential. Smaller doses (between one and five grams of dried Kratom powder) often produce effects similar to that of caffeine. This made it quite useful for Indonesian and Thai farm laborers, as they routinely work long hours.

Larger doses (five grams and above) can produce calmness and tranquility for many people, a feature held in high regard by Kratom users who are trying to rely more on natural substances for wellness.

Kratom Pharmacology

It’s important to know biochemically how Kratom works. Here’s a brief explanation.

The Kratom plant contains more than 40 natural ingredients called alkaloids. The majority of these alkaloids don’t have noticeable effects on the human body. However, two of them in particular are responsible for the marked effects that Kratom provides.

They are Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine.

Both of these alkaloids bind to receptor sites that are responsible for producing varied effects, from mild stimulation to enhanced well-being.

A crucial fact about Kratom is that it affects people differently and at different dosages. For this reason, Kratom Gator suggests starting with a conservative, low dose (2.5 grams or less) and gauging your response before moving to larger doses. 

Also: don’t forget to experiment with different strains! Kratom Gator offers White, Red, and Green strains, in addition to more exotic strains like Mitragyna Hirsuta, Yellow blends, and more!

As always, if you have any questions about Kratom or if you need help finding the right strain for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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