Are you looking to carry a brand that people trust at your retail location like a smoke shop?
We offer wholesale pricing to resellers. Please reach out and tell us what products you’re interested in carrying and we will give you wholesale prices on bulk orders.
Most common off the shelf brands of kratom have been sitting around in a warehouse months and sometimes over a year! That means it lost its potency if it had any to start with!
Kratom moves fast at KratomGator! We receive our kratom directly from the farm right after its processed. From a leaf on the tree to your favorite KratomGator strain in your hands in 2-3 weeks!
It just doesn’t get fresher! Compare our stains with your current stock and you will see why KratomGator is one of the most sought after brands.
KratomGator is a brand that is known for quality, purity, and consistency.
For larger resellers that would like to have their own house brand we can offer white label services.
We can bag and brand your label to really build your brand or company.
We would like to thank you for considering partnering with KratomGator, we want to see your company grow! Your success is our success.