Super White Nano Powder


Why nano? This kratom just about dissolves in water! Your body will absorb / digest it much faster. No more sludge at the bottom of your cup! It takes a lot more time to refine kratom to the nano level. This is pure powder perfection.

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Super White Nano Powder


White Vein Kratom is celebrated for its noticeable ‘get up and go’ effects. 


Super White Nano-ground Kratom powder from Kratom Gator is one of the best examples of premium White Vein Kratom that packs a punch. This strain is sourced using leaves harvested from Kratom trees at a specific time during their early maturity. 


The Kratom leaf drying process for this strain involves sunlight exposure and controlled indoor drying. This unique combination yields a Kratom strain that has a lighter, whitish color and smooth, fine texture. 

What to Expect from Super White Nano Kratom Powder


If you are new to Kratom, we suggest you start low and go slow with this strain. 


That’s because our Super White Nano Kratom powder is exceptionally strong. This strain contains high levels of Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, the two most powerful plant alkaloids found in Kratom plant matter. 


Typically, a standard serving size of 2.4 grams (about one level teaspoon of powder) will produce energizing feelings, uplifted mood, and enhanced motivation. 


Effects vary based on dosage and body type, but most of our customers experience positive benefits that last 4-6 hours, on average. 

More than Just Premium Super White Nano Kratom


Kratom Gator is one of the few US-based Kratom suppliers that invests heavily into stringent lab testing for all of our Kratom products. 


This lab testing combined with our worry-free, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee means our customers get a premium product backed by a trusted supplier with a proven track record in the industry. 


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