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Why nano? This kratom just about dissolves in water! Your body will absorb / digest it much faster. No more sludge at the bottom of your cup! It takes a lot more time to refine kratom to the nano level. This is pure powder perfection.


If you had to choose only one Red Vein Kratom strain to use as part of your daily Kratom regimen, our Super Red Nano Powder would be the strain to pick! 

Formulated using ‘super-sized’ Kratom leaves, this unique Kratom strain is dried using a variety of specific techniques that ensure ideal alkaloid concentrations in the final product. 

This means more Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, the two most important plant molecules contained in the Kratom leaf. 

Nano Ground for Efficient Absorption

Our Super Red Nano Powder isn’t just strong, it’s also fine

We take an extra processing step to reduce the particulate size down to the micron level, a costly process that results in ultra-fine Kratom powder that dissolves instantly in water, tea, or another beverage. 

Nano Ground Kratom from Kratom Gator is enjoyed for its numerous effects on mood and well-being, producing feelings of calmness and ease as well as tranquility and comfort. 

This is a go-to strain for end-of-day decompression or to help take the edge off an especially stressful experience. 

Expect More from Kratom Gator Super Red Nano Powder

There are dozens of Kratom vendors out there all promising to deliver a premium product. 

Kratom Gator is unique in that we lab test our Kratom to ensure it is free from heavy metals, mold, and pathogens. Every order of our Super Red Nano Kratom powder comes with peace of mind and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, standard. 

Start with a serving size of 2.4 grams (about one level teaspoon), and you’ll see why our Super Red Nano Powder is such a hit with our long-time customers. 


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11 reviews for Super Red Nano Powder
  1. Bill Weiltsburg

    Really nice flavor! I never thought I would say that about a kratom strain. Very easy to take down and mixes really nicely with my tea. Very relaxing and fresh. I recommend!

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