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Special Reserve mature white Hulu! Very limited supply small batch! Very energetic with a great mood lift.


Special Reserve mature white Hulu! Very limited supply small batch! Very energetic with a great mood lift.

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6 reviews for Special Reserve White Hulu
  1. Brandon

    Man I am not normally a fan of white strain because I don’t feel they do much but this white Hulu is amazing for getting your day started. Gives me energy and puts me in the best mood. I def have to get more and am very happy Pete gave me a sample to try. Thank you.

  2. Elise

    The BEST! Tastes so clean. I take it with some tea in the morning and it just works. Mood elevating, relaxed but focused. My husband and i bought a Tempurpedic a year ago, bc of aches and pains, as we are both super athletic… I have had surgery on my rotator cuff, and the Tempurpedic is great but when it’s crappy weather, the pain is really bad. With the Hulu? It’s a god send. I can tackle a ton of work (19 hours sometimes, I wish I was joking) for school and home life. And not feel like my back is in a 24/7 spasm and my shoulders are less rigid. I love this company. The owner treated me really professionally, the golden rule… do unto others. He is a really good dude and did not steer me wrong. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart

  3. Dan

    This white is my daily morning ritual! I replaced my morning energy drink with this white and lost some weight to boot. Its tastes great and its super fresh. Once you try it you will be hooked. You guys better never run out!

  4. Jeff Eberle

    This stuff works. Great to take for a pre workout. Great customer service. Pete was very helpful

  5. Mindy A.

    I have never had anything like this strain before. All I can say is I will never run out! Who needs energy drinks or coffee with this stuff. If you add this to your coffee you will be flying around getting things done. I love the flavor of this one. I have never said that about another strain. You guys have all the other vendors beat with this strain. Please keep this in stock!

  6. Parker

    Loving this strain so far. Gives an excellent energy boost and makes it easy to focus on mundane tasks. Definitely will be buying again!

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