Green JongKong

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If you like Green maeng da you’ll love our jongkong nano. Superfresh euphoric mood elevating.. this is definitely a happy green and a customer favorite.

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Green JongKong Nano


Indonesia is known for beautiful, tropical landscapes and lush, green forests. 


One of these forests is known to produce some of the most potent Kratom trees in the world. This legendary land is known as the JongKong Forest, located near the Sentarum Lake in Indonesia. 


It is here where our JongKong Kratom powder is sourced. We rely on the centuries-old agricultural knowledge of native Kratom farmers to find and harvest the healthiest, most mature Kratom leaves in the region. 


Then, these leaves are dried using specially developed techniques meant to ‘lock in’ the alkaloid content contained in the Kratom leaves. 

The Potent Effects of Green JongKong Nano Powder


This strain is fast becoming one of our Top 10 customer favorites here at Kratom Gator.


We believe the reason has to do with the exceptionally high concentrations of Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, the two most potent phytochemicals that occur naturally in Kratom leaves. 


Green JongKong Nano Kratom powder from Kratom Gator is also ground down to an especially fine consistency making it perfect for quickly mixing into water, tea, coffee, or another beverage. 


Nano-ground Kratom is also absorbed much quicker resulting in faster, more noticeable effects. 

Why Buy Green JongKong Kratom from Kratom Gator


Kratom Gator supplies some of the purest, most potent Green JongKong Kratom powder on the market.

We conduct lab testing to verify the cleanliness and purity of all of our Kratom powder. And, we offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction guarantee with every order. 


Try our Green JongKong Nano Kratom powder for yourself, and see why it’s such a hit with our loyalest customers.

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1 review for Green JongKong

  1. Miranda

    My personal favorite uplifting and gets u going. All kratom gator is the best lol hard to choose just one there all great. I think I ‘ve tried them all and beats all the other venders 100

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