Kava is a plant root extract. The South Pacific peoples use it as their drink for relaxation. It comes from the Piper methysticum plant with all the health benefits. If we look at its literal meaning, Kavaa comes from the Polynesian word, bitter.

It improves brain health and the nervous system. It contains the active compound called Kavalactones that help improve mental health and many other health benefits.

If you also want to use the Kava, this guide is for you. Here we will share the potential effects of Kava on your health.

So let’s dive into it.

What Is Kava?

Kava is a tropical evergreen shrub with woody stems and heart-shaped leaves. The plant’s scientific name is Piper methysticum which is used for traditional uses in Pacific regions. They make the extract from its roots and leaves through the grinding process.

The grinding helps to improve its chewing capacity and increases the extract release. When the paste is mixed with water and strained, it will contain the active compound to consume quickly.

Potential health effects of Kava

It has the Kavalactones as the active compound that improves the health condition in many ways. According to researchers, it shows that plant extract contains more than 20 percent of active compounds that increase its health effects.

Now here are the potential health effects that you should know.

Anti-anxiety effects

The primary effect of Kava is to reduce anxiety and stress levels. It has a significant impact on maintaining the stress level and improves mental health. Headache is one of the essential symptoms of anxiety, and Kava reduces the pain and all other side effects. Therefore it enhances the stress and anxiety levels.

Sleep-promoting effects

We all know that sleep management is one of the increasing problems in our society. When we have anxiety, it will also affect our sleeping routine. Many of us face difficulty in getting the proper sleep. So they are facing a sleeping disorder that is a critical situation.

The systematic study of Kava proves that it has sleep promotion effects. It is a herbal medicine that contains valerian, chamomile, and Wuling as the active compound to improve sleep.

Side effects of Kava

Kava has many health benefits that improve physical and mental conditions. It is a fact that every great thing also has some drawbacks. Similarly, Kava may also cause some negative impacts. Many countries also banned the Kava due to its negative health impacts.

It is famous that Kava can cause liver damage and may be hepatotoxic. However, it is also legal in many countries, including the U.S., as it also treats many health conditions.

Many studies show that Kava can cause liver damage and some other health diseases that include:

  •         Fatigue
  •         Nausea
  •         Jaundice
  •         Abnormal enzyme Levels
  •         Rash
  •         Fever

If you are using Kava and facing these issues, stop using it immediately. It may also lead you to many chronic health issues. Ensure that you go to see a doctor cure these symptoms.

It is not sure that Kava can damage the liver, but some symptoms show that it has potentially harmful effects on human health. We do not deny the health benefits of Kava. If you are using the Kava with a safe dose recommendation, it doesn’t cause any adverse health effects. A high dose of Kava can cause long-term effects, including dry, yellow skin, heart issues, and eye problems.

Now you know about the beneficial and harmful impact of Kava. Ensure that you use Kava according to the recommended doses for gaining its health benefits.

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